Want to join us? Look no further!

We are looking for committed and enthusiastic students from ALL disciplines including education, science, business and engineering to join us in our vision to empower and enrich the lives of our community’s most disadvantaged. Experience the power of social enterprise with a unique opportunity to build your own business and develop networking skills while helping those in need. At Enactus, we promote innovation to inspire change and activate potential.

Enactus University of Sydney is part of the global Enactus network, a collection of student-led societies united by the common ambition of using entrepreneurial action to create sustainable social businesses.

You can choose one of our six areas to work in:

Culinary Tales is a social business that seeks to empower refugees by providing them with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience whilst coordinating their own cooking classes. It is our belief that food possesses a powerful ability to bring people together and become a catalyst for cultural sharing and learning.

The Pop Up Project provides disadvantaged youth with business, hospitality and customer service skills that not only increase their chances of employment but also cultivate a stronger sense of independence and self-determination. Partnering with youth services and local schools, with Pop Up you’ll be able to work on something that matters and creates positive change within society. Education students are highly encouraged to apply.

Flashback is a program that aims to provide a platform for elderly members of society to share their experiences and explore their creativity, with a possible opportunity to publish their stories in the future. It creates an avenue for social interaction and promotes intergenerational understanding between local seniors and aspiring writers from The University of Sydney.

Research & Development gives you the ability to identify social issues and brainstorm solutions in the open market. This is the exciting opportunity to potentially be the director of your own project; you will be in control, from inception to implementation.

The Information Technology team is highly specialised towards ensuring that Enactus remains technologically sophisticated and competitive within the market. Gain invaluable experience helping Enactus run.

Design/Creative produces promotional and branding material for Enactus Projects and Enactus University of Sydney. This is a great opportunity to collaborate with marketing teams to develop the way in which our projects are perceived and gain traction.

What we are looking for:

1 – Passion for social enterprise and social causes.

2 – Enthusiasm and commitment to Enactus Sydney, in both time and energy.

3 – Keen ability to work in a team, communicate and problem solve, as well as willingness to take on new challenges.

Think this is you? Great! We recommend reading the following before you apply.
Helpful tips for when applying:

1 – Research Enactus Sydney and the projects to gain an idea of which one is the best fit for you.

2 – Describe how your skills and experience can contribute to Enactus Sydney

3 – Be yourself!


Culinary Tales: Open

Pop Up Project: Open

Flashback: Open

Research & Development: Open

Information Technology: Open

Design/Creative: Open

Positions normally open within the first few weeks of the semester and close once positions are filled.

Got questions? Contact our HR team at hr@enactussydney.org