Current Projects

Culinary Tales


Culinary Tales aims to empower refugees in the community by employing them to lead cooking classes. This provides work experience, financial security and a platform to connect to the community through the shared enjoyment of their cultural cuisine.

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Pop-Up Project

Pop-Up Project

The Pop Up project empowers disadvantaged youth with business and hospitality skills to increase their employability and sense of self-determination.

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Flashback is a program that aims to provide a platform for elderly members of society to share their experiences and explore their creativity, with a possible opportunity to publish their stories in the future.

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Past Projects

Maison Collective


Maison Collective supported the community through fashion with 100% profits going to charity foundations.



Mudansa was created to utilise the principles of entrepreneurship and innovation to manufacture closed-fire stoves that produce cleaner, less harmful smoke and burn biofuel more efficiently in East Timor.

The Sight Project

The Sight Project provided opportunities for individuals with learning disabilities to create artworks to be displayed and sold at art shows in Sydney.