Culinary Tales

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Culinary Tales provides refugees with a source of employment and social connection by empowering them to run their own cooking classes. Not only does this provide our refugees with valuable income, but it also provides a social platform to share their experiences and cultures. We believe food has a powerful ability to forge harmonious connections between people from all different cultures and across generations.

Culinary Tales holds classes in the community at Lane Cove Living and Learning Centre and Tom Foster Community Centre, which are open to all members of the public.

Culinary Tales also holds classes at High Schools such as Sydney Girls and Cherrybrook Technology, which directly supplement the Food Technology syllabus and enhance students’ understanding of multiculturalism.

More recently Culinary Tales have launched its corporate cooking classes function as an alternative for team-building exercises in which colleagues can enjoy a hands-on cooking experience, and immersing themselves in a new culture and the chef’s story.

In essence, Culinary Tales’ refugee-run cooking demonstrations give you an unique opportunity to learn authentic recipes, connect with some wonderful people and experience multicultural Australia.

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