“Having an open fire in your kitchen is like burning 400 cigarettes an hour.” – Kirk Smith

Open-fire cooking methods are detrimental to the health of those who use them. Yet, due to an absence of feasible alternatives, millions of people living in developing countries are forced to continue relying upon these methods.

The Mudansa project was created for this reason, utilising the principles of entrepreneurship and innovation to manufacture closed-fire stoves, stoves which produce cleaner, less harmful smoke and burns biofuel more efficiently.

Our ambition is to propel these stoves into widespread circulation throughout rural East Timor, assisting communities to produce the stoves themselves and equip small business owners with the skills to establish self-sustaining social enterprises. It’s better for health, better for the environment and better for economic growth – a social business run by the locals, for the locals.

Currently the project is testing a prototype stove model. In Semester 2, team members from the Mudansa project will begin to develop deeper links with stakeholders in East Timor, acquiring a patent and designing a marketing strategy and business model to ensure our vision becomes a reality.