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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

At Enactus USYD, we strive to create a better, more sustainable world, through generating innovative solutions to problems that we see in society. Our projects are at the core of what we do, addressing a vast range of issues from homelessness, food wastage, poverty, and many more.

Enactus USYD Recruitment Drive Semester 1 2020 applications close tonight. Be quick!


BRIDGE is a social enterprise that places participants of the program at partner community centres or organisations to provide assistance and in doing develop soft skills. Placements are followed by a resume workshop, personalised reference letter and certificate of completion. This week, our team began contacting the Greenway centre, our trusted partner, in hopes for another semester of placing participants in an environment they may develop valuable employability skills.

CULINARY TALES is built upon empowering refugees to run their own cooking classes, giving them the opportunity to share stories about their culture whilst gaining meaningful employment in the community. This weekend, our Lebanese chef Saida ran a class for a team at KPMG, showing them how to recreate an authentic 3-course Lebanese menu. As a team, we aim to drive our focus over the next couple of weeks towards getting new refugees on board with the project in order to touch as many refugees as possible who are seeking employment and have something special to share with the rest of the community.

(Culinary Tales class held on Saturday, 29th February)

PROJECT VISION is a digital social enterprise with an ambition to change the world’s vision. Our mission is to shield the eyes of everyday people from smart screen blue light emissions and donate funds from every purchase to support an external organization aiming restore the vision of cataracts patients. Currently, we are finalising Project Visionary’s online platform and business strategy. Looking forward, we would like to establish partnerships with suppliers and start business within the next coming week.

POSITIVITREE re-cycles coffee grounds produced from Sydney University cafés, and creates compost that is used to create a self-grow Pot-Plant. Each week, cafés around campus produce approximately 80 kg of coffee ground waste which goes to landfill. However, used coffee grounds contain many key minerals that can help improve plant growth. Considering this, coffee grounds can be used in conjunction with other environmentally friendly components to create a pot plant that is one hundred percent biodegradable. Each plant comes in a glass jar, which makes it easily transportable, and attached to it is a positive message, which aims to inspire a healthy mindset.

RECRUITMENT: Enactus Stall

Over the past week, Enactus USYD held pop-up stalls aimed at reaching potential candidates for the team. Our members informed students on how they can get involved alongside answering any questions on social entrepreneurship.

We spoke to a total of 150+ students in-turn generating over 75 confirmed applicants! Also, another 60 expressions of interest; due to this unprecedented demand, the application deadline was extended.



The University of Sydney’s Genesis program exists to provide promising participants with support in the form of mentoring from experts, specialist interactive workshops, media exposure, networking opportunities with business leaders and a final reward of $25,000 for funding their start-up idea

Genesis applications closed on the 27th of February at 12PM and one of Enactus' project 'The Cup Solution' successfully made it to a shortlist of 30 applicants.

The Cup Solution promotes female hygiene through the provision of menstrual cups. The business model is simple; for every menstrual cup purchased one will be donated to a socio-economically disadvantaged woman through partnerships with NGOs. The business aims to first sell and donate menstrual cups within the Australian market. After a period of time the start-up hopes to scale to distribute the menstrual cups internationally through further partnerships.



The St.George Kick Start program is aimed at helping innovators in Australia get started. Applications are subdivided into 2 categories so whether it’s a big idea or an existing business – if you think it's a great idea then apply for the program!

The Top 12 finalists battle it out in front of a live audience and a panel of judges with a chance to win $40,000 in funding at TEDxSydney 2020.

Applications close on the 23rd of March.

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