Newsletter #10 - More Project Updates + Udacity


PROJECT VISIONARY: This upcoming week we aim to finalise partnerships with a foundation and modify our product selection by introducing items that may also help transitions to working-from-home. We also aim to start marketing on social media and exploring other avenues. With any other business starting up, there will always be a couple of drawbacks here and there.. For Project Visionary, we had to change suppliers just before the release date which meant we had to postpone the launch. We see this as an opportunity to work on other parts of our project instead of designs and ads.

BRIDGE; This week, we will be making Live our inaugural Zoom Excel Masterclass pilot session. We will promote the event through Facebook and WOM. More specifically, we will complete the preparation for revenue and cost breakdowns, and finalise the details for the session. The Excel Masterclass Session will be held in Week 11. We achieved the goal of securing an excel facilitator, and drafting up the details of the class.

R&D 1: The R&D1 team have decided to pursue the project to provide employment to refugees to crochet winter items such as beanies, scarves and bags that are made with the most sustainable material possible. For the next week the team has divided into different roles and tasks with the aim of conducting a community needs assessment, defining product details, defining material supplier, organising recruitment of one refugee with crochet skills and in need of employment to work from home for a pilot program. The needs assessments and consolidation of the pilot program details will enable the team to apply for funding to enact our first pilot program and provide part-time employment for an Australian refugee in need. In the future, the program may scale to include other products that are demanded by customers. Partly. In week 9 two team members reported progress on Week 8's tasks for market research and contact with suppliers. I have individually messaged the other members about where they are at with their project and for a confirmation if they can complete the test by next week's meetings.

R&D 1 Team is looking for a name for their project. The name should reflect how vulnerable refugees in Australia can be helped through employment in our project. Although sold products will initially focus on crochet, in the future we aim to include other products therefore the name need to be focused on crochet, but it should reveal the social impact of employment on refugees in need.

R&D 2: Our goals for this week are to start getting in touch with some primary schools and businesses and gauge their interest in our products. While we have gotten started on emailing businesses, the emails to primary schools has not been completed. As a team, we have set up a deadline for this to do, and if anyone is lagging behind, we will aim to help them out.

CULINARY TALES: Trying to get more recipes to contribute recipes. Preparing for pitch night, editing text for existing pages, making design changes in accordance with feedback. We managed to submit 3 sample designs - still trying to find more refugees though.


This week for Enactus on Zoom we had a live webinar from Tony Sinclair regarding interactive presentations focusing on how to grow social enterprises through the exploration of 3 case studies. The session was very informative as it helped the teams understand the concepts of lean design, crowd-funding and turning ideas into products. 



Through this free, online course, you will learn to pitch your business and secure the funding you’ll need for launch. The course will teach participants on constructing clear mission and vision statements, goals, and finding mentors, co-founders, and contractors to support your business throughout. 

It is a 3-week long course which you can sign up for through the link below:


Sonya Furlong is hosting a virtual lunch and learn aimed at teaching you mindfulness techniques, neuro-linguistic programming and positive psychology, to cruise through these uncertain times, more resilient than ever.

Sign up for the webinar through this link (May 5: 12:30pm-1:30pm):


To help cope with all the stress during these precarious times, we found out a few super insightful Ted Talks for all our readers:

  1. Simon Sinek- Author and Motivational Speaker

  2. Alison Ledgerwood- Motivational Speaker

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