Newsletter #11 - Nationals Update + COVID Pitches


PITCH NIGHT: Each team pitched how their project has adapted to the COVID-19 situation with a chance to secure extra project funding. The presentations consisted of an explanation on how the COVID situation has affected their project, goals for the semester, a roadmap for milestones, proposed business models and finally, a budget outlining the proposed use of the funding. 

NATIONALS: The Enactus Nationals team has finalised the projects they will be presenting on at the Enactus Nationals Conference held in July later this year. The team had a practice run over our weekly meeting where they were able to gain insights from what the rest of the team thought about their presenting style, content and any other general feedback. 



This workshop tackles different software options, how to showcase your products, marketing mix and the importance of optimising online content to boost your SEO. 

Through this workshop you will learn:

  1. The fundamentals of setting up an online store 

  2. The overarching strategy and techniques, using the nine steps framework, to achieve operational excellence.

  3. The different software and utilities options available that may help you in setting up and testing performance.

  4. Know the requirements for effective customer engagement and traffic.

  5. Store analytics and how you can interpret it.

This workshop will be delivered online via Zoom. Register here: (May 13 at 4pm)


Karen Finch, a non-practising lawyer, entrepreneur and legal tech founder, alongside her co-presenters, are hosting an online masterclass to teach business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers about the art of freelancing.

Freelancing is a popular way for entrepreneurs to make money as a side hustle whilst they are in early stages of their startup journey.

Similarly, startup founders and business owners often turn to freelancers to help with a range of tasks, such as software development, marketing, graphic design and data entry, to supplement resources and skill deficits in their businesses.

Register here: (May 20 at 12:30pm)


To help cope with all the stress during these precarious times and also to keep your startup game up, we have a few recommendations for all our readers.

How I Built This (podcast) - by Guy Raz:

WorkLife with Adam Grant - Authenticity Is a Double-Edged Sword (podcast)

The Lean Startup (Book) - by Eric Ries

Good to Great (Book) -  by Jim Collins

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