Newsletter #2: New Faces Soon!

Updated: Apr 18, 2020


The Leadership Team (LT) has decided on 3 new directors to join which should be live on our website soon. Also, we undertook over 40 interviews for successful candidates throughout the week and the LT has decided on our future Project Officers!


CULINARY TALES is researching & planning for two key projects - recruitment drive for new chefs & subsequent training and retention, as well as new cookbook. Goal is to ensure we have a clear chart of steps in place so we can dive into the work next week with the new members.

They successfully ran a cooking class with KPMG for about 20 people last Saturday. Minor hurdles with the logistics - booking was not for the correct floor within the same venue. As it was based on a booking made by a past PD, moving forward will try and come up with standard operating procedures for future handovers/initiation into CT.

THE CUP SOLUTION aims to launch their website and hopefully secure a partnership with a women's shelter.

INTERNATIONAL PROJECT contextualised further the terms of operation, presenting initial ideas at their recently established Thursday standup meetings. Getting all members officially on board, coming up with an idea from each member and this is presented to be further refined for their first global meeting in a couple of weeks

PROJECT VISIONARY is aiming to launch their e-commerce platform, Shopify, by the weekend. They discussed approaches to social media marketing over the week and have decided to start with Facebook with their first advertisement being posted early next week.

FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITIES: Microsoft Global Social Entrepreneurship


Microsoft revealed the Global Social Entrepreneurship Program which aims at supporting social impact startups with resources such as tech, funding, and connections.

To be eligible, your company must be able to quantify “impact on an important social or environmental challenge; an established product or service that will benefit from access to enterprise customers; and a commitment to the ethical and responsible use of AI.” And yes, nonprofits are eligible too!

Startups will also be provided with premium membership from Microsoft for Startups which consists of:

  • Free access to Microsoft technologies including just under $180,000AUD of free Azure cloud and $1,000/month of GitHub Enterprise.

  • Dedicated Go-To-Market resources to help startups sell alongside our global sales team and partner channel.

Apply here

UPCOMING OPPORTUNITIES: Sydney Volunteering Fair

The students of USYD are hosting their first Volunteering Fair on the 10th of March at 10AM, supported by Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Student Affairs and the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education). You will have a chance to meet representatives from various volunteering organisations across Sydney and get involved in causes you are passionate about!

This is a great way to make an impact, build skills and also, meet new people. Stalls will be set up from University societies, local charities and larger non-profit organisations.

Register here if this catches your eye:

ACU Business Idea Workshop


ACU is holding a workshop on the 17th of March at 4PM aimed at converting your passions into ideas, and eventually into a start-up. This workshop will provide you with tools that will guide you in making decisions about those ideas you have always had. Experience has proven that it takes more than just 1 or 2 attempts at finding a successful idea.

The event’s learning objectives are as follow:

  • Know how to talk about your idea without giving away your IP.

  • Discover a simple but effective technique for sourcing ideas.

  • Gain a quick way to create an ‘elevator pitch’ to share your idea.

  • Work out how to decide which is the best idea to start with.

  • Understand what a ‘pivot’ is and why entrepreneurs talk about it so much.

More details

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