Newsletter #3: New Project Officers have joined!


New faces are here! This week, over 25 new Project Officers were added to the team. They were all assigned to projects based on their preferences and are ready to begin making an impact.

Check out all the projects here


THE CUP SOLUTION is launching the website, sharing an advertisement post on the Enactus Facebook page and we'll hopefully be visiting a women’s shelter next week.

CULINARY TALES started to pin down more specific goals in relation to the two main projects we hoped to focus on this semester - to push recruitment and to launch a cookbook. Their tasks over the upcoming week mostly involve recruitment marketing by reaching out to those who work closely with refugees. They didn’t set specific goals last week but we did decide on trying to get a new project management system up and running to manage the progress of tasks over the semester. As an alternative to Trello, which was not as effective for our team last semester, we’ve set up a spreadsheet as a working document to update tasks and track their weekly progress.


REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN for the Greenway Program with Enactus Bridge

We all know that volunteering is one of the best ways to make a positive change, but where do I get started?

If you want to contribute to a good cause AND increase your employability, the Bridge Program is for you!! Bridge equips participants with invaluable skills and diverse experiences working in communities, and is backed by Enactus University of Sydney.

What you get by participating in the program:

1. Bridge Enactus Certificate

2. Personalised Reference Letter

3. Teamwork Experience

4. Four Sessions of Community Placement

5. Resume Skills Workshop

Register here:

Facebook Event:

Registrations Close: Sunday 22nd March at 11:59pm


Thanh Nguyen - a business advisor at NSW Treasury's Startup Programs unit - is holding a presentation on the NSW Treasury’s Technology R&D grants program. This is a great opportunity to learn about grants to fund your business idea, how NSW Treasury supports tech-startups and the logistics behind applying for a grant.

The event is on the 18th of March from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.

Apply here.

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