Newsletter #4 - Nationals and COVID-19


With COVID-19 cases growing exponentially daily, the leadership made the responsible decision to conduct our meetings virtually until the situation changes. Projects will update an online spreadsheet they normally would, guests speakers will join us virtually and Enactus Nationals Speaker Auditions postponed until further notice.

All individual project meetings were also conducted via Zoom this week.

The Bridge program was also suspended for the semester as it would be irresponsible to continue.


An interesting article (article) was published last week about the future of business in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Emeritus Professor of Business Administration, Michael Beer, embraces the idea of honest conversation. He believes that a trust-based culture with employees is crucial for senior management to get the best information they can.

Finnegan Family Associate Professor of Business Administration, Ryan W. Buell, identified three barriers that can prevent from productively engaging: 1) not being able to help, 2) not knowing how to help, and, 3) not believing our help is important. However, he also notes the importance of being genuine; helping consumers may seem disingenuous if the act seems mostly about increasing profitability.

Read the full article here:


What is Microsoft Protégé?

A case competition run by Microsoft to enable all tertiary students to create impact in their local Australian community.

Why enter Protégé?

Protégé offers students mentoring opportunities, career development, and heaps of prizes along the way! Successful teams will be flown out to Sydney to partake in the Protégé Case Crack alongside attendance at exclusive events.

Microsoft Protégé 2020 team has put together an online session that provides some handy tips and tricks, as well as information which will help your teams as you work towards the submission deadline.

As part of the workshop we are planning on covering the following:

  1. Protégé tips including pitching skills and deck ideas

  2. An overview of design-thinking

  3. Microsoft technology

  4. An overview of Microsoft and the jobs on offer

Workshop is from March 26th 6-8pm

The form closes on Wednesday 25 March, 5pm AEDT.

Apply here:

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