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ENACTUS THIS WEEK: The Leadership Team hopped on a Zoom call to check-in on everyone and tackle key issues relating to funding, nationals and individual projects.

Come next week, the structure of this newsletter will be slightly altered to better suit the current situation. We will aim to provide relevant resources on how businesses can deal with the current situation.



The Impact Program is a program that supports you to do more with your work in a way that emphasises your impact. Mezzanine has built a model for delivering strategic, thoughtful and high-quality work that allows you to do just that

This program is exclusively for established organisations committed to having a positive impact - startups, non-profits, schools, social enterprises. 

What do you get? 

Exclusive access to:

  • Subsidised rates on all services including strategic consulting for organisational purpose, values, brand and marketing, along with storytelling, design, digital and film

  • Opportunity to apply for our annual $10,000 Impact Grant

  • Two free strategy sessions per year to help plan ahead and stay on track

  • Access to our Impact Retainer Partnership

  • Support on our social platforms and amongst our networks

  • You’ll be working with a full team of specialists who are passionate about making a positive difference and have decades of experience in this space. 

More information and applications here:


Entrepreneur and Investor Josh Comrie, is hosting a webinar on Artificial Intelligence talking about the opportunities, perils and pitfalls of living in an evolving AI world. Josh will stray away from technical jargon to clear up common misconceptions of AI - it is not frightening or confusing, it is an opportunity, especially, in relation to business. Touching upon ways AI has already changed the world, the webinar aims to provide you with a greater understanding of AI.

Fishburners is a non-profit community of over 300 scalable tech startups with the goal of providing support. They do this through different memberships and partners which provide resources, mentoring and connections that help bring your business idea to life. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Insight into the history and origins of AI

  • Some real-life examples of where it's in use today 

  • How its potentially going to impact upon the future (bearing in mind the past) 

  • How to get more involved as a person, and as a business

Full Event Details here:

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