Newsletter #6 - Project Updates, HBS Webinar

"Don't count the days, make the days count." ~ Muhammad Ali


We had an Enactus Committee call on Monday taking all weekly updates for projects. The call also oversaw the team’s preparations for the upcoming nationals. This week, Enactus hopped onto making an Instagram account trying to increase our outreach. FOLLOW!

Special Message: The Project Visionary Team wishes everyone all the best in health and in their studies. We want to highlight that while this month is about adapting to new changes, ensure to maintain consistent hard work, and success will come.


BRIDGE: Our main goal for this upcoming week is to get into contact with Greenway and create a plan going forward. One of our main action items is to send out pitch emails to potential partnerships who might be interested in working with Bridge in the future. 

Our main goal was to come up with ideas to replace the usual Bridge program. We came up with ideas such as sending the residency a big card to cheer them up, or offer tutoring services to the children of the residents at Greenway. We’re on our pathway to come up with a feasible alternative.

CUP SOLUTION: Our goal is to create a short 'slideshow' Facebook ad which will be in a video format. Yes we achieved our goals from last week. We reached out to a range of societies to post our promotion image.

PROJECT VISION: The Project Visionary Team of Zoe Zhang, Renata Krisno and Raquel Cuevas are using time at home to stay healthy and complete the website for operation by the end of this week! We are all very excited to be soon processing orders, donating to a worthy foundation and thrilled to be one step closer in making our little difference in the world. Other small goals include creating advertisements for social media marketing (Zoe), managing finances (Renata) and creating content for website pages (all).

Consistent communication through: Zoom, Google Docs/Spreadsheet and Facebook Messenger, has ensured our team to successfully achieve last week's goals and stay on-track.

CULINARY TALES: Still reaching out to find chefs who may be interested in contributing recipes and stories for the cookbook. Brainstorming/trying our hand at designing pages - eg, intro, about CT, existing recipes. It's a slow process so these are ongoing activities. Especially with COVID-19 a lot of these volunteer run organisations have been very slow responding. We will try calling as well. 

R&D 2: Acquire all the feedback from the Leadership Team and then decide on which project to pursue as a team. After that, strategically delegate roles on how to put this project into fruition and get it running. Yes, our main goals for the past week were to finalise our 3-4 project ideas and finalise our pitch. 


Leadership, as they say core, is not about you. Real leadership is about how effective you are at making other people better. On April 27, in a live, interactive Harvard Business Review webinar, Frances Frei and Anne Morriss will share insights from their new book Unleashed: The Unapologetic Leader’s Guide to Empowering Everyone Around You.


Key Takeaways:

  • How bold leaders use a combination of trust, love, and inclusion to build others up

  • Lessons from interviews with effective leaders and from their own personal experiences

  • Inspiring leadership stories from the NBA to ancient Rome to Silicon Valley

  • Practical tools based on their work in companies such as Uber and Walmart


The continuous COVID-19 developments are both dizzying and daunting. When faced with this unremitting uncertainty, how can a company maintain clarity on its societal purpose? What is the role and responsibility of your business in a time of chaos and crisis? Here are a few links which are worth a read! 

FSG BLOG- Covid-19 and Changing Corporate Purpose

EY’s Business Continuity Plans- 5 Ways to Reshape and Plan for Covid-19

Response of Chinese Companies to COVID-19

Key Takeaways:

  • An understanding of the rapidly changing business scenarios

  • Resilience is a key requirement in reshaping for a post-crisis world

  • Compassion is more important than cost in the current situation

  • Restructuring assets and capabilities to meet needs of the company

  • The companies should use an adaptive, bottom-up approach to complement top-down efforts.

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