Newsletter #7 - Nationals Update, Webinars, Remote Learning

“Which Enactus team most effectively demonstrated entrepreneurial leadership to  drive business and innovation for sustainable positive impact to benefit people, planet and prosperity within the last year"


Update on Nationals: Enactus’ Australia National Conference will be held online! 

This competition is a chance for university teams to showcase the progress made by their social enterprise projects. The team which is selected as National Champion then competes against winning teams from 35 other countries at the Enactus World Cup each year. 

The National Event also provides an opportunity for interactive seminars; careers programs and think tank workshops facilitated by both students and /or partner organisations. 

Enactus USYD has begun preparations for (to win) Nationals. All updates on the process will be posted on this newsletter.

Enactus Zoom Call: On April 8th, Enactus Australia hosted a zoom call. Enactus Australia participating university students and staff got a chance to meet one another, build community and share their passion for projects that improve quality of life and standard of living for all people. 


Raising capital is hard at the best of times - but what about at the worst of times?

Monthly Buzz is an ecosystem growing initiative by Cicada Innovations and are hosting their first online edition of the program. The webinar will be aimed at informing participants on investing and raising capital during these difficult times. Experts from some of the largest venture capital firms in Australia will be present and you will have the opportunity to ask questions firsthand. 

More info and registrations (April 20):

Mission to Earth: Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship | Masterclass

Roni Levy, Impact Director at NYADO, is hosting a talk on the ever growing concerns of our planet. More than ever our planet needs rapid and effective solutions to address its most pressing global threats. While it is true that positive global actions are taking place, it is normal for many to feel hopeless in regards to our common future. 

This webinar will highlight the importance of Sustainable Development along with what it takes to apply a solution-based mindset that could transform our reality and will leave participants inspired and motivated towards the future!

More info and registrations (April 22):

ARTICLE: The Benefits of Remote Learning?

An article by Nick Hutton, Regional Director at D2L, published an excellent article on the power of remote learning. Stressing the importance of learning management systems, he highlighted 3 key points in the article:

  1. The ability to learn anywhere anytime.

  2. A more personalised learning experience

  3. Overall, better engagement

A key change brought to education in the last decade is the rise of remote learning - particularly in the situation the world is in right now. Hutton highlights that remote learning has many meanings, but all differ depending on either the institution or platform you use. Check out the article for greater detail: 

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