Newsletter #8 - More Project Updates + COVID Support


R&D TEAM: Our goal is to have decided on one final project to pursue this Semester. Therefore, each individual working on a project is encouraged to deepen research (production process, finances, social impact etc), conduct needs assessments, address leadership team's feedback responses, and contact organisations to partner with. R&D1 successfully presented three projects to the Leadership Team including project Waste Efface, to reduce household wastage by home self-recycling; The Sustainable Crochet Project to simultaneously provide culturally competent craft jobs to unemployed Australian Refugees in need whilst providing essential products made sustainably; and the Digital Skills project aiming to simultaneously employ design graphic graduates, to teach disadvantaged individuals digital skills with funding from the revenue of design contracts with external organisations. One project wasn't handed in on time, however, considering COVID-19 impacts it is important to understand these are more difficult times, specifically depending on the individual's circumstances. R&D1 is interested in asking whether people would be interested in: 1) Buying winter-wear (beanies, scarves, gloves, socks) home-made by Australian Refugees in need? What item would most interest you? 2) Have you considered having a waste recycling bin to use at home? We would love to hear people's experiences and interest in waste reduction and composting. PROJECT VISION: We are preparing for our internal launch (friends and family) this week by preparing marketing materials, completing operations tasks and finalising shipping procedures. We are also working on seeking our external partnership business which we hope to be confirmed this week. Our team continues to work hard to provide for those in need in the future. We hope everyone is doing well! Despite a few operational issues with suppliers in the last few weeks through WhatsApp, we remain strong and driven to launch soon. We would like to shout out to one of our very own, Renata Krisno, for being selected as part of the Nationals Speaking Team!!🤩 Corona Virus Support and Resources for Social Enterprises It is no surprise that the financial implications of the current situation are significant on social enterprises. Alongside financial, non-financial assistance is also an area that enterprises are struggling with. Social traders published an article listing various sources of support for all social enterprises which you can read below!

ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES: Webinar on Business and COVID-19

A panel of business leaders consisting of Jane Martino, an entrepreneur behind leading businesses such as Smiling Mind; Craig Davis, a startup entrepreneur who cofounded Sendle - which was recognised as AFR’s most innovative companies, twice; and finally, Amanda Price from High Growth Ventures, KPMG Australia’s dedicated startup team. Join them for a webinar where they will share their experiences in managing a crisis as well as providing practical techniques you can employ during these uncertain times Register for the event here (April 22 - Wednesday 8am-9am)

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