Newsletter #9 - Guest Speaker + Enactus Australia Zoom

Updated: Apr 24, 2020


Webinar with Kartik Iyer: This week for Enactus on Zoom we had a live webinar from Kartik Iyer regarding Impact Investing and various funding options available for social startups. The session was very informative and provided members with great alternative financing methods.

Enactus Virtual Trivia Night: Our HR directors, Raquel and Sena, organised an online trivia night on zoom. All the Enactus members came together for a fun night of conversations and games, which is a must amidst these hard times.

Enactus Digital Marketing Session: A session was organised by Raquel, Simran and Akshil, of the Leadership Team to create more awareness regarding marketing in the digital space. It was an informative session about online advertising for social startups and its effectiveness. 

Enactus Australia Zoom Call: On 21st April, 2020 Enactus Australia hosted their second zoom call. The Zoom from your Room event was super insightful and addressed event changes,  projects and Enactus related concerns. The meeting also addressed the impact of COVID-19 has had on the operation of projects that initiated before social restrictions were put into place. Adapting methods were raised such as sourcing crowdfunding, remaining resilient, maintaining communication and modifying projects to continue operation. It was a great meeting and recognised a variety of issues faced in different parts of the country.


Looking for ways to pass time during this time of quarantine, we have a few ideas for you!


1. Tony Loyd – Social Entrepreneur

"I spend my time with changemakers who are making an impact on some of the most challenging issues of our day. Three times per week I interview social entrepreneurs, benefit corporations and impact investors. "

2. Stanford Social Innovation Review - "Audio talks by leaders of social change" from Stanford University.


1. Becoming a Social Entrepreneur by Michael Gordon.

A leading Social Entrepreneurship expert from the University of Michigan wrote this book using his words and experiences to provide a kaleidoscopic description of what it means to become a social entrepreneur.It ranges from the personal and emotional challenges they often face to the grand impact many hope to produce.This book presents the truth, not the varnish, and is ideal for use in the classroom with students studying social entrepreneurship, and for all new and experienced social entrepreneurs seeking real-life examples of how to overcome challenges.

2. Start Something that Matters by Blake Mycoskie

The story of Toms is more than a business biography by its author, Blake Mycoskie. This is an inspirational tale that is sure to inspire any aspiring social entrepreneur. Blake’s story is important but also is his methodology and approach to starting a new business. There is much here to learn for anyone looking to start a similar venture.

ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES: Entrepreneurship Essentials Series by Enactus UTS

Do you wanna be the next big startup founder, or you just want to meet new people?

Well, our 2020 Entrepreneurship Essentials Digital Series is an online suite of workshops created to teach the essential skills every entrepreneur should have.

Workshop 1: Design Thinking

Workshop 2: Prototyping

Workshop 3: Viability + Validation

Workshop 4: Slide Deck Creation + Storyboarding

Check this link out for the essential registration details and all the important dates!

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