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Newsletter Issue#2

We're back with our second Enactus newsletter! This issue features Enactus's previous activities and a whole new list of exciting upcoming events, an analysis of our favourite startup - Climework, and networking tips from our incredible Bussiness Advisory Board Member (BAB) - Mira Gaponova 🎉

😍 Be sure to keep an eye out for our monthly eNews! And what's even better?


Hi, HR here! It’s been lovely to see our members settle in! As the weather turns chilly and the assignments start piling, we say goodbye to April and all that we did 😊

As a recap, we kicked off April with another fantastic BAB Night! With 2 BAB rounds, this gave our startups more opportunities to gather professional opinions from our lovely BABs. And how can we forget our coveted mid-semester social at El Loco 🇲🇽, where the execs and members alike enjoyed a glorious night out! 🍻

Half of April was given over to the mid-semester break as well as the Easter Holidays, which we hope allowed our members to rest up, or at least attempt to rest with all the assignments coming up 🧘

But that's a wrap on April and we will see you again in May!


You're invited to...

Enactus USYD Networking Pitch Night

16.05.2022 6pm-8:30 pm

At Pitch Night you’ll hear from Enactus USYD members about their journey through well-prepared business plans as well as share your own, and a chance to network with our BABs from Mastercard, Unilever, IBM, and more.

Enactus NSW Regional Showcase

17.05.2022 10am-5pm

Watch and cheer on our startups as they compete against the best teams! This is an amazing chance to immerse in the Enactus far-reaching network and see the future being made right here in Sydney.

Enactus USYD Annual General Meeting

23.05.2022 6pm-8:30 pm

Time to decide on a new exec team! You can nominate yourself for a position as applications are open for all USYD students of any background. So hurry up, and be the next force of change!

1. What is a perfect elevator pitch?

Be yourself is the best strategy. Start the conversation with what you do and explain why, show your passion that you think most relevant to the person you are pitching to.

2. What kind of research do you usually do before networking with other professionals?

Always look up individuals on LinkedIn and check out the company website. It’s best to find something you have in common and lead the conversation so you end up talking about it.

3. What kind of questions do you prepare to ask at networking events?

Always ask about the individuals first - people love talking about themselves. But try to prepare some questions about the current deals or something happening in the industry to show your interests

4. How can you make a good impression when you first meet someone new?

Be friendly and respectful. Notice their facial experiences and tone of voice can help you predict their mood and act accordingly.

5. How do you stay connected with people you’ve met at a networking event/career panel?

Add them on LinkedIn and reach out for coffee. I tend to have more frequent catch-ups with ones that I ‘clicked’ with at the event. It’s easier to build strong relationships with ones that you are most comfortable with.

In March, Concordia Station on the Antarctic Plateau hit more than 38˚C higher than the previous monthly record.

The warming of the planet is not news to anyone at this point. The net greenhouse gases in the atmosphere must be reduced radically by 2030 to prevent irreversible consequences. Our biggest step must be in reducing emissions, however, in many industries there are unavoidable emissions which must be "offset" for us to reach net zero. Switzerland-based Climeworks is an industry leader in the development of direct-air-capture technology; that is, technology that sucks in CO2 straight from the atmosphere.

Scientists estimate that by 2050, 10 Gt of CO2 (or 10,000,000,000 t) need to be removed annually. For some context, Climework’s "Orca" plant in Iceland currently captures around 4000 t annually, and is seemingly the most successful Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) facility in the world at the moment. 13 years since its inception, Climeworks has just raised 650M CHF (873M AUD) in its Series A round, the largest round ever for a carbon removal startup, as investors back it to scale its technology up to save the planet.

Recently, Australian oil and gas giant Santos set out to make the world’s largest CCS facility (read more). However, the Australian government has come under much scrutiny as despite subsidising the development of these projects with hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money, Australian giants’ (e.g Santos) attempts at CCS facilities continue to fail (read more).

Whilst CCS R&D is fantastic to see, there is a growing consensus rather on the efficacy of nature-based carbon sinks. Ultimately, however, emission reduction is first and foremost.

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